Random stuff.

Sorry i haven't been able to spare my time for blogging these days:) I know i'm such a bad blogger haha but i'll try to blog more often.. It's just that whenever i open my laptop, i prefer opening youtube and learning new choreographies or watching gossip girl re-runs again. And now i've just come to realize that i have never put any effort into anything. I seldom study for tests, do homework or prepare for competitions, but nonetheless i still get satisfying results. I guess that makes me a person of who i am today and i wish to change that. Do more of what makes you happy.


fhen said...

lovely pics, especially the chuck and blair <3

Veren Lee said...

beautiful pics! <33

a little princess

Lizelisabeth said...

Hey there sweetheart! Nice post! I enjoyed the pics. :) Keep your chicness,dear!

hug and kiss kiss,