Random stuff.

Sorry i haven't been able to spare my time for blogging these days:) I know i'm such a bad blogger haha but i'll try to blog more often.. It's just that whenever i open my laptop, i prefer opening youtube and learning new choreographies or watching gossip girl re-runs again. And now i've just come to realize that i have never put any effort into anything. I seldom study for tests, do homework or prepare for competitions, but nonetheless i still get satisfying results. I guess that makes me a person of who i am today and i wish to change that. Do more of what makes you happy.


Seashells on the sea shore

(Esprit shirt and skirt, gifted necklace, bangle from bali, glitters scarf)
Some say, if you try your best and fail, it's called a learning experience, not losing. Well, tomorrow i'm going to have a basketball match. I do hope i win, but due to the fact that i only have seven people on my team, i don't think that's possible. But then, nothing is impossible.

Anyway, i'm currently liking to shells because of their uniqueness. I used to collect shells every single time i go to the beaches in Bali. But, i noticed the significant change from my last visit there. There are fewer shells and most of the beaches look more like tourist attractions rather than places to relax. The purple necklace here is a gift from one of my friends.

P.S. My bestie made a blog: something precious. It's not a fashion blog, it's a photography blog!


Chanel Iman

With her flawless figure, she could pull off almost every single style and strut the runway confidently. I liked her immediately when i saw her in a magazine, being the judge of some fashion competition. She's not white, but could still be a very successful model, which proves that she's very strong since most of the well-known models are white (i'm not being racist!). In fact, she's my favourite model at the moment. Classy and fabulous.

p.s. the pictures are taken from style.com


simply white

My face looks so weird here.lol.
(Topshop jeggings, unbranded shirt, Guess bag, Everbest heels, Forever21 necklace)
I'm not in the mood to dress up with anything colourful today.. so i randomly picked out this plain white shirt out of the many white shirts i own and paired it up with some classic jeggings i got a long time ago.


.first post.

I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men. -Marlene Dietrich

It's been a long time since i've tried making myself a blog, i always find the need to update every now and then bothering. But sometimes, you need to give yourself a go at the things you want, even if they don't always work out for you.