Seashells on the sea shore

(Esprit shirt and skirt, gifted necklace, bangle from bali, glitters scarf)
Some say, if you try your best and fail, it's called a learning experience, not losing. Well, tomorrow i'm going to have a basketball match. I do hope i win, but due to the fact that i only have seven people on my team, i don't think that's possible. But then, nothing is impossible.

Anyway, i'm currently liking to shells because of their uniqueness. I used to collect shells every single time i go to the beaches in Bali. But, i noticed the significant change from my last visit there. There are fewer shells and most of the beaches look more like tourist attractions rather than places to relax. The purple necklace here is a gift from one of my friends.

P.S. My bestie made a blog: something precious. It's not a fashion blog, it's a photography blog!


Jessie Wongsodihardjo said...

sure :) i just added you in my links. mind linking me? and thanks for the comment!

Natalie said...

hello sweety, i have followed you blog as soon as i saw it. your blog is nice. you also have sweet style.
i hope you follow me back so we can keep in touch

hugs from me
Natalie's-the blog

Emilia said...

lovely photos :)

Tiffany said...

cute scarf :)