Chanel Iman

With her flawless figure, she could pull off almost every single style and strut the runway confidently. I liked her immediately when i saw her in a magazine, being the judge of some fashion competition. She's not white, but could still be a very successful model, which proves that she's very strong since most of the well-known models are white (i'm not being racist!). In fact, she's my favourite model at the moment. Classy and fabulous.

p.s. the pictures are taken from style.com


LiezyL said...

i LOVE chanel iman!
i LOVED her more in the VS fashion show, she really is an angel!
ok, im definitely following your blog now!!

JoaNNa said...

love Chanel Iman! do you know that she's part korean? interesting, eh? :) sure, following you now!

Erlia 馮婉婷 said...

hi jovanny, of course we can follow each other and exchange links.
thanks for your previous comment, so appreciate it. :)